Alpines Konfus und Kontrovers Register

Inspired by the no easy, however situations and in continuous changing alpine landscapes, the human beeings and in the context of personal emotions. I like imagine the connections between the rude landscapes with breaks and shifts and certain human motifs and influences, when i compose the instant soundrules in my music. The very special sound of the different Trümpis with the possibilties for handling and soundbuilding, the rules and ideas for this program, guided me for a decide to work solo. It’s realtime performed in a exciting industrial room with this own natural sound and reverb. 

It’s the following project of the first volume ‚Alpines Brise-, Wind- und Sturmregister‘ released 2017. together with 9 international musicians. 

Trümpi, Maultrommeln, Jews Harp, Rectronics 

recorded at Project Room Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen / CH 

realeased June, 2019 

Thanks to Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen and Ausserrhodische Kulturstiftung

And now!! … physical CD in a framed picture! Backside all infos. Order directly about my mailadress. Price 25 CHFR. all incl. in CH.